11th International Translation and Interpreting Conference. Justice and minorized languages under a postmonolingual order

Wednesday, May 10th

8:30-9:00h: Conference registration
9:00-9:30h: Opening and poster presentation Rosa Agost; EMN; JJS
9:30-10:30h: Key note
Vicent Marzà. Conseller d’Educació i Cultura Com superar el monolingüisme institucional
Chairperson: Rosa Agost
10:30-11:00h: Coffee break
11:00-12:00h: Session 1
Lourdes Frasquet. Reunion: Regulating the Education System to Destroy a Language
Maties Segura. Linguistic Rights, Linguistic Security and Linguistic Subsidiarity at University Jaume I
Chairperson: Gloria Torralba
12:00-13:00h: Session 2
Ona Domènech, Cristina Gelpi. Tools and Legal Resources for Translating into Catalan: From the Type of Resources to the Needs of their Users
Elisabeth Casademont, Apel·les Carod. The Committee on Legal Terminology and the portal “Terminologia jurídica” (‘legal terminology’): Consensus Resources to Ensure Access to Justice in Catalan
Chairperson: Cristina García de Toro
15:30-16:30h:  Session 3
Sofia Iberg Self-translation and Multilingualism in Autobiographic Documentaries—Forget Baghdad (2002) and Iraqi Odyssey (2014)
Irene de Higes The Audiovisual Representation of Multilingualism in Processes of Migration and Diaspora
Raquel Sanz Moreno Audio description. Deminorizing as a right
Chairperson: Gloria Torralba
16:30-17:30h: Session 4
Laura Gasca Translation and Heritage Language Teaching—an Approach to the English to Spanish Translation Experience of Bilingual Spanish Speakers in the United States
Mónica Baselga UN Spanish in Spain: Linguicism towards the International Community
Chairperson: Kim Schulte
17:30-18:00h: Coffee break
18:00-19:00h: Session 5
Kim Schulte Privileged and underprivileged minority languages: the case of Spain at the beginning of the 21st century
Carolina Seguí, Núria Piera, Àngela Francés, Mar Mogort, Marta Bort Situació del català com a llengua A al grau de Traducció i Interpretació a la Universitat Jaume I
Chairperson: Esther Monzó
19:00-19:15h: Introducing night sessions “Postmonolingualism through the Movies”
21.30 h: Cinema and postmonolingualism: Asylum (2007) / The Interpreter 2013


Thursday, May 11th

9:30-10:30h: Key note
Raquel de Pedro The role of indigenous interpreters in the Peruvian intercultural, bilingual justice system
Chairperson: Joan Jiménez
10:30-11:00h: Coffee break.
11:00-12:00h: Session 6
Gernot Hebenstreit. Justice as a Guiding Principle? Reflections on the Ethical Discourse on Interpreting and Translating
Najat Sijilmassi Translating for immigrants and refugees in Valencia: The role of translators and interpreters in their access to public services
Chairperson: Heike van Lawick
12:00-13:30h: Session 7
Anzhelika V. Kuznetsova, Olena Obraztsova Consecutive Interpreting into Ukrainian: An oral corpus for researching interpreted Ukrainian
Ana Isabel Leal Conference interpreters and how to serve the cause of minorized communities in the new postmonolingual / ‘postmonodiscoursive’ order
Chairperson: Ulrike Oster
15:00-16:30h:  Session 8
15:30-16:30h: Mireia Vargas Multilingual Trials in Barcelona: A History of Minoritised, Dominant and Invisible Languages
Mayela Zambrano Interpreters in the Courtroom: A Case Study
Belén Pérez Excuse me, Your Honour, I Am a Sign Language Interpreter—Observational Template Design of Sign Language Interpreters in the Courtroom
Chairperson:  Esther Monzó
16:30-17:30h: Keynote
 Cecilia Wadensjö Training Translation and Interpreting—A Greenlandic Perspective
Chairperson: Dora Sales
17:30-18:00h: Coffee break
18:00-19:00h: Session 9
María Ferrer. Editing as a Tool for Adapting Content against Discrimination: “Being Hungry Makes You Healthy” Translation Project as a case study (by Yoshinori Nagumo)
Núria Molines. Translating Minorized Linguistic Geographical Varieties: Responsibility and Ethics from the Framework of Deconstruction
Chairperson: Pilar Ordóñez
21:00 h:    
21.30 h: Cinema and postmonolingualism: Journey of Hope (1990)


Friday, May 12th

9:30-10:30h: Key note
Michael Cronin Translation and Climate Justice: Minority Perspectives
Chairperson: Heike Van Lawick
10:30-11:00h: Coffee break
11:00-12:00h: Session 10
Mediha Ohranovic. The Service Ideal in the Professionalization of Interpreting
M. Luisa Rodríguez Muñoz Minorized Humanity: Human Contact as a Translation Competence
Chairperson: Marta Renau
12:00-13:00h: Session 11
Doris Zörweg. The Depiction of Court Interpreters in the Spanish Media – Natural Interpreting as Translation Policy in the Spanish Judicial System
M. Rosario Martín Ruano Unveiling Inequality in Legal and Institutional Translation: From Symbolic Violence to Symbolic Recognition
Chairperson: Patxi Raga
15:00-16:30h:  Session 12
Leticia Moreno Pérez Is the Spanish-language Version of the United States Federal Agencies’ Websites an Attempt to Correct Language Minorization?
Shuang Li. Translating for Linguistic Minorities in China: A Study on Translation Policy in the Judicial System
 Jonathan Sanders  Introducing AIIC’s “Interpreters in Conflict Zones”
Chairperson: J. Guzmán
16:30-17:30h: Session 13
Ibrahim Hassan Stress-coping Strategies in Public Services Interpreting: A comparison between Natural and Professional Interpreters in Hospital Interpreting
Triana Palomo “Non-professional” Translators and Interpreters: Questioning the Status Quo
Chairperson: Joan Jiménez
17:30-18:00h: Coffee break
21.30 h: Closing dinner

Note: Interpreting will be available into the conference official languages

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