ANA FRANKENBERG-GARCIA holds a BA in history from the University of São Paulo and a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Edinburgh University. She joined the University of Surrey in the UK in 2013, as Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies and Programme Director of the MA in Translation. Previously, she taught many years in Portugal, at Universidade Europeia and at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Ana was responsible for creating COMPARA, a parallel corpus of English and Portuguese original and translated fiction. She was also chief editor of the recently published Oxford Portuguese Dictionary, a corpus-based Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese two-way bilingual dictionary with over 200,000 words (Oxford University Press, 2015).

Her academic work on the applied uses of corpora has been published in international, peer-reviewed books and journals, including International Journal of Lexicography, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, Corpora, Language Teaching, and English Language Teaching Journal. She also co-edited the book New Trends in Corpora and Language Learning published by Bloomsbury in 2011.

In addition to academic publications, Ana has published literary translations and done freelance work as an external translator for the European Parliament and other institutions.


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