Dr. Juan José Martínez Sierra works as an Associate Professor in the Department of English and German Languages and Cultures at the Universitat de València, where he teaches Written and Audiovisual Translation and English Language (undergraduate and graduate). He has also taught at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, at the Universitat Jaume I, and at the Universidad de Murcia. In addition to a doctorate in Translation Studies (UJI, 2004), he holds a degree in English Language and Culture (UJI, 1995) and an MA in Intercultural Communication (University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA, 2001). He is specialized in Audiovisual Translation, a field to which he devotes both part of his teaching work and his research activity, which has mainly been focused on the study of audiovisual translation from an intercultural perspective. To date, this activity has been generously fruitful in the form of lectures, seminars, invited talks and papers at conferences, both national and international. Besides, he has published over forty works, including five books, several book chapters, reviews and many other pieces of research in the form of articles in prestigious scientific journals. He heads the research group CiTrans (http://citrans.uv.es/), and collaborates with TRAMA (Universitat Jaume I) and SILVA (Universitat de València). Regarding his teaching career, he has considerable experience in various fields, from pre-school to university level (both foreign and Spanish centers), and has taught different workshops and courses. Additionally, he has attended numerous courses and seminars on university teaching, and has contributed to teaching innovation via publications and talks. Finally, his extensive non-university professional experience, in fields not related to teaching, has contributed to his training as a professional who is familiar with the business world.

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