Morella, conference venue

The international conference “Traductio et Traditio Mediaevales: science, knowledge and ideology” will take place in different rooms from Morella’s Council. Their exact location will be announced in the final programme.

The city of Morella erects in a pinnacle with truncated cone shape and it is surrounded by medieval walls, with a castle at the top. It has numerous interesting buildings, notable churches and streets that take visitors back to the city’s historical past, especially back to the Middle Ages, its most glorious period. Its natural environment, gastronomy and popular folklore give the city an especial attractive.

Map of Morella with all the interesting sites that can be visited

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Hotels and hostels

It is possible to consult room availability in the hotels and hostels in Morella. It is also possible to directly make a reservation through the Central de Información y Reservas Casas de Morella:
Telephone number: 964173117