Call for papers

The organising committee will promote participation in this congress through communications on any aspect related to translation and cultural transmission during the Middle Ages. Submissions can be sent in an attached document, preferably in Word or RTF format, to the e-mail until 30th September, 2018. These should include the following information:

Academic filiation
Phone number (optional)
Communication’s Title
Short abstract (150-300 words)

The received proposals will be reviewed and the decision on their inclusion in the program will be notified before 30th October. Afterwards, more specific instructions on the payment methods will be provided. These will probably include bank transfer or credit card. Registration fees for communicants will be 100€ if the payment is made before 15th November, 2018; and 130€ from that date onwards. In the case of students and unemployed who wish to present a paper, the fee will be 60€.

Communications, which will last up to 20 minutes, will be organised in sessions of approximately one hour and a half. To these, 10 extra minutes will be added, so that listeners and communicants can discuss about the topics dealt with. The languages of the congress will be Catalan, Spanish and English. Exceptionally, communications in other Romance languages will be accepted if required by the work’s content.