The Right to Languages

1st International Conference on the Right to Languages:
Linguistic Policies and Translation and Interpreting
in Public Services and Institutions

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Registration deadline extended until May 31st, 2022.

Law School, University of València

June 15th-17th, 2022

A three-day summit of lectures, talks, and discussions

85 Lectures

106 Speakers

from 70 institutions in 31 countries

To be confirmed

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Linguistic justice: models, concepts, dimensions

Linguistic injustice: social stratification and language, distribution of translation and interpreting, aggressions and microaggressions, structural situations, institutional actions

Language rights: conceptualization, materialization and protection in national and international frameworks, the right to translation and interpretation

Language policies: legal frameworks, social practices, linguistic ideologies, the role of translation and interpretation in language policies

Situations and structures: sociolinguistic situations, models of linguistic coexistence, present and future needs deriving from linguistic scenarios, uses of translation and interpreting

Inclusion: intersections between linguistic practices and social inclusion, psychosocial aspects of integration and language, literacy and education in inclusive ideologies, translation and interpreting as inclusive practices

Linguistic uses: management models and language models, symmetrical and asymmetrical uses, linguistic models of translation and interpreting

Institutional settings

Legal and political, educational and cultural, financial and economic, information, health and social care services and institutions

Spoken and signed languages

The Venue

Law School, València University
C. Professor Francisco Tomás i Valiente, 4, 46022 València

València is a vibrant Mediterranean city with a stunning historical quarter, breath-taking beaches, an invigorating cultural life, and superb traditional cuisine

Location of the Law School at the University of València

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