The research group in Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies (GREMI), from Universitat Jaume I in Castellón, organises the International Conference “Traductio et Traditio Mediaevales: science, knowledge and ideology”, which will take place in the city of Morella (Castellón) on 14th, 15th and 16th March, 2019. The location of the conference in this medieval city constitutes an ideal environment for a group of specialists in diverse areas to share experiences and scientific results. What is more, this event aims at strengthening their links and promoting exchanges at a personal, academic and institutional level. The main topic of the conference, written culture as a tool for knowledge transmission in the Middle Ages, finds in translation its favourite field; however, it is also opened to other manifestations and related products, such as rewriting or encyclopaedic compilation. The field of translation and written culture gives rise to the analysis of multiple approaches from different methods and disciplines. These include a wide variety of geographic scopes, linguistic traditions, historical processes and cultural manifestations. Disciplines such as Medicine, Scholasticism, political and sacred Oratory, or the persistence and valuation of Graeco-Latin authorities, constitute a source of knowledge of the medieval world. Their survival, according to the mentality of the period, would have not been possible without the effort to translate, compile and transmit the knowledge of past generations.

This conference aims to delve into all these aspects which help us to capture the medieval West from a more complex, more precise and at the same time more diverse perspective. Participation is possible for both those who wish to present a paper as well as those who only want to attend as listeners. The keynote speakers will be Carlos Alvar (Université de Genève), Lluís Cifuentes (Universidad de Barcelona) and Isabel de la Cruz (Universidad de Alcalá).

N.B. All attendants will have at their disposal, if they wish, a bus to make the journey from Castellón to Morella on 13th March, 2019; and on 16th March to make the trip back to Castellón. The meeting time and place will be confirmed well in advance after closing the conference program.